Monday, August 11, 2008

This and That... Summer Coming to an End...

Kaylee's first swim in Granny and Popa's old pool... She had a 'splash' we hope to go a few more times before the pool is closed...If the heat last...Amelia and Daniel worked on earning their Keeper's swimming badge. hand sewed a hole in the shoulder! Daniel has finally discovered the thrill of completing a K'nex project! In the past, he would get half way and start making his own creation...and then loose interest. I encouraged him to make ten projects from the book from start to finish... then he will know enough about how they 'work together' to build more of his own creations. Next we will tackle tinker toys! He has Legos down pat and has been working on Lego home movies... it is so neat! Since Bradley 'moved out' Daniel and Alex wanted his old room.... so, we moved them into the guest room the last couple of week Bradley was here. Why? Because Amelia and I wanted their old room for a work room! We have set up our sewing and scrapbook things in this one large workroom... we have already made so many things to make it pay off! We have named it "The Promise Shop". I will post pictures on my personal blog when we hang the wallpaper border. Well, after Bradley left, Mark went to work in Bradley's old room, touching up paint (we kept Bradley's orange for now) and rebuilding our old bunk bed and painting it and making a huge shelving unit out of Bradley's old water bed! We have always needed somewhere to display and store the playmobil, and this shelf is perfect. And then, we clean up and fixed up the guest room waiting for Bradley's visits... we put his small dresser in there and the stack of guitars to make him feel at home in the 'guest room'! This is a 'transition' picture... some of the boys mess that needed to be gone through and given a home... either in the room, Daniel's office or the trash! What is Daniel's office? Well, I used to keep my scrap booking station in a little walk in closet at the end of the upstairs hall... now that my supplies are in The Promise Shop, Daniel has the room as his office and toy storage... it gives him a place all to his own. Alex has his desk in the bedroom. We have five of these large desks in our house and we enjoy them so much. I have found all of them at thrift stores for very little money... there is less than $100 in all five put together! I am glad to have all of the transitioning done before we begin everyday school. I feel like my house is in order and I can get on with living! It is a great feeling. Mark has a never ending list of small repair projects, but mostly everything feels 'complete'!
Amelia stayed with Granny and Popa a few days... they visited the local nursery and picked buckets of blueberries to be turned into delicious blueberry jam! Amelia is going back to help Granny make jam and learn the process.... she is wearing my Uncle David's old business cap to shade her face...and Bradley's HOSA high school shirt that we know he will be too big for when he comes back from basic...she has claimed it as her own because she
I will post pictures of the boy's completed room when we download them!

*Looking back to this post... here way in the future!... I have to laugh.  I don't even remember this move and transition in our home.  With this big old house with so many rooms and so many children growing and changing... the house has changed with us!  I still have a Promise Shop, but in another room.  We are down to three desks.. two are in Daniel's current bedroom.  Hopefully, the room arrangements we have now will last until the remaining three children are graduated from our homeschool! However, if life intervenes and we are in the position to welcome someone else into our home.. exchange student, foster/adoptive child, relative in need of a place to stay... anything may happen!

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