Sunday, June 8, 2008

Question: "Do you have a PE class in your school?"

Answer: "You betcha'!" The PCA kids swimming at Becca Jo's graduation party...
Look at this fish....

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Lisa said...

Oh my land, Hilda,
I can't believe your in NC. My husband has been talking about moving there for about a year now. It is difficult for me as my family are all here, especially the grandbabies.
What is it like there, like how hot do your seasons get?
Everything up here is so nuts, he wants to get out of the area. I'm just praying for God's guidence. It isn't something we'd be doing for about 2-3 years as we want to pay off our home here first. Alot can happen in that time, ya know?

How old are your children? Is that your little "fish"? It looks like you had a great time of refreshing in the pool. Sometims I miss ours, but the kids out grew it. Now I have a wading pool for the little ones.
Keri's 31
My Kate and Frank are the only ones home now, she is 19, and he is 17.

Oh, the dog always thinks your trying to kill her, but she love's to get crazy running after.

Have a blssed Sunday night,